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Castle Vanity is a location from the Valis series and the center of Vanity's kingdom itself.


As the center of Vanity, this castle represents the home for Its governant in turn and their relatives (in the series's case, Valia and her daughter Valna), their servants live there too. Castle Vanity is a huge castle mixing Greek-style architecture with many modern illumination systems; there are also elevators here.

Due to Its relevance to Vanity's kingdom and the Dream world, it's one of the most wanted conquest objectives for the antagonists throughout the course of the series, thus resulting in its being attacked several times.


Valia's roomEdit

The queen's room where Valia rests. She died there from a terminal illness in Valis II. It's unknown if her corpse rests there or if she was buried. Probably she was so as Valna became the queen many years after.


Only present in Valis SD, It goes from the castle's basement to the rooftop where the gardens and Valia's room are.

Rooftop gardensEdit

Also only present in Valis SD, this is the place where Yuuko fights against Gaias in this game.


Castle Vanity first appeared in Valis II's PCE-CD/TGCD version and in Valis SD. In both It represents the third stage. It reappears again in both versions of Valis IV being part of the first stage in the PCE-CD one and the second stage in the Super Famicom/SNES one.


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  • Although Vanity city didn't change Its look along Its appearances, Castle Vanity did so. In Valis II It looks alike a combination of greek architecture and technology, Valis SD depicts the castle as a toyish-like castle (possibly because of the game's thematic), and in Valis IV, It design changes to that of a more classical-like one with many greek structures again although It could be result of Galgear's army's destruction.
  • Castle Vanity was more visited by the protagonists than Vanity city itself.