Dark Forest
The Dark Forest in the MSX version of Valis I


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Mugen Senshi Valis manga (2008)

Also known as:

Forest of Volsedom

The Dark Forest is a location of the Valis series.


The forest surrounding Rogles's castle, guarded by skillful monsters. As it namesake implies, it's covered with an obscure background, making hard to see through this forest sometimes.


Underground passageEdit

An underground tunnel under the forest. It serves as an alternative way for the level. It only appears in the Mega Drive/Genesis version of Valis I.

Entrance pitEdit

A high pit that marks the entrance to the forest, there are many power-ups and items. It only appears in the PCE-CD version of Valis I.

Rogles's castle frontEdit

The exit of the forest just before the castle of Rogles and where Yuuko fights against Reiko. It only appears in the PCE-CD version of Valis I.


The Dark Forest appeared in all the versions of Valis I, first referred as the Forest of Volsedom in the home computer versions. In the MSX version, it appears as the fourth stage, in the FM-77, PC-88/98 and Sharp-X1 versions as the eighth stage and in the Mega Drive/Genesis and PC-Engine CD versions as the sixth stage.

It appears again in Valis II during the intro cutscene.


Valis IEdit



  • Although the Dark Forest appeared in all versions of Valis I, it only used the "Dark Forest" track as its background music in the PCE-CD version only. Other tracks used for this level are "Cellular Tissue" (home computer versions) and "The Wilderness" (MD/Genesis version).
  • The Dark Forest is one of the most famous places from the Valis series, having many remixes from its homonym track.
  • In all the versions of Valis I, regardless of its order as stage, the Dark Forest is always the preceding level to Rogles's castle.
  • In at least two places in the MD/Genesis version of this stage, Yuuko can stand on what appear to be invisible platforms suspended in mid-air between the trees. These invisible platforms have no purpose and are likely the result of a programming error or oversight.