The Dark world (まかい, makai

The Dark world's panoramic view from the PCE-CD/TGCD version of Valis III

), also known as the Spirit world, Vecanti or Vakanty, is one of the three worlds from the Valis series and mostly the last one visited in all the games from the series.


The Dark world is, as It namesake implies, the most obscure, dreadful and hostile world from the three ones in the series. It's inhabited by grotesque creatures and human-beast hybrids that organize as tribes to fight against those creatures in order to survive. Although this, some areas of this world are technoligized territory with many of the hybrids living there. Those areas are mostly under the government of the main antagonist from the series and serve as their base, being also originaries of the Dark world.


The Dark world met Its end during the events of Valis III, when the Void started to absorb It. As this happened, King Glames tried to uselessly fight against the Void and the destiny the Gods assigned to the Dark world by trying to take over the Dream world and the Human world, but he failed proving his power and died, thus the survivors of the Dark world were finally migrated to the Dream world by Yuuko, Valna and Cham.

Known LocationsEdit

  • Vecanti's entrance/ Vecanti's outlands
  • Volsedom
    • Underground area
    • Magma area
    • Mountain area
    • Ruins area
    • Vorg's valley
    • West Volsedom
    • Dark forest
    • Rogles's castle
      • Basement
      • Top
  • Megas's domains
    • Megas's lands
    • Megas's castle
    • Megas's hideout
  • Cementery area
  • Dessert area
  • Machinery area
  • Iceland
  • Glames's castle

Known inhabitantsEdit



  • The Dark world is the only one of the three main worlds to have been destroyed.
  • The only known survivals from the destruction are Cham, Asfal and Leigh.
  • The Dark world wasn't mentioned as such until Valis II.