Glames's castle
CD 8B035C99-004
Glames, Leigh, Asura, Zalude, Lada and his assistant


Dark world


Valis III

Glames's castle is a location of the Valis series.


Not much is seen about Glames's castle during the only game it appears in. For the few appreciated scenes, Glames's castle is an medieval-styled castle with a dark grey floor, and purple with blue walls. A luminous circle with symbols is in front of Glames's throne and is where most of the scenes starring Glames and his henchmen take place.


Glames's castle appeared in all the versions of Valis III, not being explored as a level. It only appears during the cutscenes starred by Glames and his henchmen.


  • Glames's castle is the only named location of the entire series to have appeared onscreen but have never been explored by Yuuko Asou.
  • As such, it never had an actual definite background music, although Glames's theme is mostly used during its cutscenes.