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Valis I (Genesis and PCE-CD versions only)

Valis Complete/Plus

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Mugen senshi Valis (manga,2008)

The Valis world (artbook)



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Also known as

Gaiyeda, Earthquaker, The earth lord


Hirohiko Kakegawa

Gyeda (がいだ, Gaida) is a character of the Valis series and a member of Rogles's army in the Mega Drive/Genesis and PC-Engine CD versions of Valis I.


Gyeda's past is a mistery. He was recruited by Rogles at some time before the first game, in that time Gyeda gained a great respect for Rogles and became loyal to him.

during the events of Valis I (Mega Drive/ Genesis and PC Engine CD versions only) he was given a Fantasm Jewel and sent by Rogles to wreak havoc in the human world to start Its domination. Gyeda was accomplishing the mission successfully until he met Yuuko. At first, he thought that Yuuko was nothing but a harmless and scaredy girl, but when he saw she had the Valis sword in her power, he tried to dispose of her quickly. Unfortunately for him, Yuuko ended his life in the battle and took his Fantasm Jewel.


Gyeda is one of Rogles's most loyal henchmen; he will do anything for his master without any question.

Gyeda isn't too smart but has an incredible reliance on his own phisical force. He is a good friend of another of Rogles's generals, Geeva.


As the lord of earth, Gyeda's habilities are based on such element. He can make earthquakes and even use his strengh to carry and throw heavy scrap and rocks anywhere. He can also make waves in the ground in a weaker form of his own earthquakes, he can transform in a rolling ball and dash at high speed or bounce to damage his enemies.


Gyeda only appeared in the Mega Drive/Genesis and PC Engine-CD versions of Valis I as the first boss in both versions. He also appears in the new Mugen senshi Valis manga drawn by ZOL, where he has the same role and destiny that he has in the games.



  • Gyeda is the first antagonist from the Genesis-PC Engine continuity of Valis that appears in the human world.
  • An early design of Rogles slightly resembles Gyeda.
  • Gyeda's attacks are the hardest to avoid during his battle in the Mega Drive/ Genesis version of Valis, but he is in turn, the most exposed to Yuuko's attacks so he can (and must) be defeated as fast as possible.