The Human world (にんげんかい, Ningenkai) also known as Ningenkai or Reality is one of the three worlds from the Valis series and almost always the starting point of every game's plot.


The human world is based in our actual real world, being inhabited by normal humans (as its name implies), animals and plants. It is a recurring target of attempted conquest by many of the main antagonists from the series because of its energy and resources. It's also the recurrent opening scene for most of the games in the series and the homeworld of the protagonist, Yuuko Asou. In the human world is also hidden the Crystal pillar prison where Galgear and his followers were imprisoned centuries ago. The Reddish moon can also be seen from the sky in this world.

Known locationsEdit

  • Tokyo town
    • Yuuko's house (Yuuko's room)
    • Yuuko's school
  • Tokyo city
    • Tokyo's train station
  • Glames's tower (Valis III only)
  • Crystal pillar (Valis IV only)

Known inhabitantsEdit



  • The only game where the human world doesn't appear is in Super Valis IV.
  • Although the Human world appears in almost all games, the locations that are featured from this world are limited only to the city of Japan (Tokyo) and a few related locations.
  • The only character known to have truly been born in the Human world is Reiko Kirishima.
  • The Human world is recurrently the world where the first stage of every game takes place. The only exception was Valis IV where the human world represents the fifth stage.