Ice mountain area
The ice mountain area as depicted in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I


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Valis I (Famicom/NES, MD/Genesis and PCE-CD versions only)

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The ice mountains area is a location from the Valis series and one of Vanity's main areas.


The coldest location in all of Vecanti and the Dream world itself to date (as there isn't any other known ice-themed area in these worlds). Its plains contain vegetation, although they are mostly covered by ice. They surround the mountains, which are the main part of this area. All of them have cold caves that lead outside in many ways. In this area there are also some frozen ruins, mostly notable in the Famicom/NES version.


Frozen ruinsEdit

They are seen mostly in the entrance of the Ice mountain area in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I. There are some gates leading to their interiors. One of them hides a means of access to the Volcano area and the room where the true Valis sword is hidden.

Ice cavesEdit

Many passages in the interior of the mountain plagued by lots of Rogles's minions. This area is mostly visited by Yuuko in the Mega Drive/Genesis and PCE-CD versions of Valis I.

Aurora' panoramic viewEdit

Only seen in the PCE-CD version, this is possibly an upper part of the mountain. It has a arboreal aurora on its background and Its the area where Yuuko faces Geeva in the aforementioned version.


This area appeared in the Famicom/NES, Mega Drive/Genesis and PCE-CD versions of Valis I. In the first mentioned version, it's the fourth area explored by Yuuko; and in the previous mentioned versions, it represents the second level.


Valis IEdit



  • This is the only area in the entire game and series to have two boss battles instead of one.
  • In the MD/Genesis and PCE-CD versions, it's the first area from the Dream world visited by Yuuko in the game and the entire series.
  • In the aforementioned versions, its background music track is "Lonely soldier", the same one used in the Tokyo City level in the FM-77, PC-88/98 and Sharp X1 versions of Valis I (notice that they share the detail of being the second levels in their respective versions).