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Specter (すぺくたあ, supekutaa) is a character from the Valis series and a member of Rogles's army in the MSX, FM-77, PC-88/98 and Sharp X1 versions of Valis I.


Specter was recruited by Rogles time before the events of the first game.

Rogles gave him a Phantasm jewel and sent him to command an invasion to North Vanity. Yuuko then found him shortly after entering in the Dream world, they fought and Specter was defeated in the process having his Phantasm jewel taken by Yuuko. While in the MSX version he is fought only one time, in the rest of the versions, he survives his first defeat and returns in the Valley of Vorg to face Yuuko once again. He was defeated for the second and last time and died.


Little is known about Specter's personality. It's presumed that he is as loyal to Rogles as many of his comrades are. He is also shown to be persistent and strong (like Deborra) as he fights against the Valis warrior more than one time.


Specter can fly in an indefinite amount of time and also can use his wings as a shield. In offensive abilities, he can shoot energy shots from his mouth and dive from the air to tackle his enemies.


Specter only appears in the MSX, FM-77, PC-88/98 and Sharp X1 versions of Valis I. In the MSX version he is the second boss while in the rest of the versions he is the boss of Act 3 (North Vanity) and Act 6 (Valley of Vorg).



  • Although Specter's name is based on that of evil spirits, his appearance is mostly based in a Gargoyle.
  • Specter is the first boss from all the series to have the ability to fly.
  • Specter is the first male boss to have been fought more than one time.
  • Even thought he is fought more than one time in the game, unlike Deborra, his form and abilities remains the same in both fights, with the only change being in the scenery structure where he is fought: while in the first battle the player has many platforms besides the floor to stand, in the second battle the player only has the floor without any other platform to stand making Specter more difficult to hit.