Unknown Areas (Secret level and Act X)
Act X in Valis IV


Dream world


Secret Area- Valis I (MSX version only)

Act X - Valis IV

Also known as:

Valia stage (Secret area)

Train Station (Act X)

The unknown areas are locations of the Valis series whose names weren't revealed until the date but appear as hidden areas only accessible by accomplishing certain conditions in some of the games.


Secret AreaEdit

A misterious diamond cave filled with many Valia statues, there is supossed to be a room where Valia herself resides.

Act XEdit

A place full of train rails with many commical enemies in wagon blocking the way, there are some platforms serving as train stops. The end part of this act is a rail crossing street where the boss is fought.


The Secret Area appeared in the MSX version of Valis I being only accessible by a secret passage in the third level of the game.

The Act X appears in the PCE-CD version of Valis IV as the first one of the two hidden levels in the game. It can only be accessed by ending the regular game in hard mode, this act precedes Act X2, Sutherland.


Act X (Valis IV)Edit



  • It's unknown if the Secret area has actually any exit.
  • The background music track for the Secret area is "Death Whisper", the same one used for many other areas (mostly Rogles's castle) in posterior versions of the game.
  • The Act X uses the same background music as Vanity city and Siren's Labyrinth in the same game they appear.
  • The Act X's enemies and posters are mostly comic reliefs, even Zalude himself makes funny dialogues.