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Valhalla (ばるはら, baruhara) is a location from the Valis series.


A peaceful land full of flowers and life over the skies of the Dream world. It's ruled by Yuuko Asou and is the place where Lena Brande had her test to become the successor of the Valis warrior in Valis IV. In Super Valis IV, this place was taken over by Galgear's army as all the other places in the game.


Heaven stairwayEdit

The entrance to Valhalla. A long way that extends to the sky with many platforms. Its architecture is similar to that of Babylon. This place appeared only in the PCE-CD version.

Siren's labyrinthEdit

(サイレン の 迷路, Sairen no meiro) The building that takes the biggest part of the Valhalla's level in Valis IV. As It name points, It's a labyrinthine church-like construction full of guardian maidens. The exit to this place leads to Valhalla's exterior.


Valhalla appeared in all the versions of Valis IV. In the PCE-CD version, the Heaven stairway represented the third level and Siren's labyrinth the fourth one. In Super Valis IV, Valhalla appeared as the fourth level also.


Valis IVEdit

  • Nornil ( Heaven Stairway, PCE-CD version only)
  • Yuuko Asou (PCE-CD version only)
  • Medius (SF/SNES version only)



  • Valhalla was named in Super Valis IV, in the PCE-CD version, the only named place was the Siren's labyrinth.
  • Valhalla's name is based on that of the Nordic mythological city in Asgard where the dead warriors go to rest guided by the Valkyries in order to help Odin later in the Ragnarok. Curiously, many guardian maidens that serve as enemies in the level have a strong resemblance to the Valkyries.
  • Valhalla's background music in Valis IV uses the same track of Vanity; this doesn't happen in Super Valis IV.
  • In the Genesis manual of Valis III, a graphic suggests a connection between Valhalla and Sutherland.