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An unknown warrior of Valis and her partner in battle, pictured in the opening cutscene of Valis III.

In the Valis series of videogames, Valis Warrior (or Warrior of Valis) is the title given to specific wielders of the Valis sword. The title of Valis Warrior appears to be associated with a larger role in the Valis universe beyond simply physical possession of the sword. This is indicated, for example, by Yuuko's warning to Lena about the path of a Valis warrior, given when Lena inherits the sword in Valis IV. The title also tends to be associated with possession of the Valis armor.

The title of Valis Warrior is first applied to Yuuko Asou in Valis I, and later to her successor, Lena Brande, in Valis IV. An ancient Valis warrior is also pictured in the opening cutscene of the PC Engine version of Valis III. Both Lena and Yuuko have also worn the Valis armor at different times.

Similar Roles Edit

Only two other characters with a role comparable to that of a Valis warrior have appeared in the Valis videogame series.

Reiko Kirishima, Yuuko's arch-rival in Valis I, is the only known wielder of the replica Valis sword created by Rogles, then-emperor of the Dark World. This has led to Reiko being informally referred to as a "dark" Valis warrior, although she did not technically use the sword of Valis.

The true counterpart to the Valis sword was revealed in Valis III to be the cryptic sword of Leethus, which has legitimate historical ties to the sword of Valis, unlike the sword wielded by Reiko, as well as similar properties. An unidentified wielder of this sword is pictured in the opening scenes of Valis III as the ally of a previous Valis warrior. Although the title "Leethus warrior" is never coined in any game, these two individuals are referred to together as "warriors" by the narrator of that sequence. Like the Valis sword, the Leethus sword also has a set of armor associated with it.