Valis armor
Yuuko Valis suit
Yuuko wearing her Valis armor in the SX68 version of Valis II


Max HP: 15

Damage: -00%

Max Jewel Points: 75


Yuuko Asou

Unknown Woman (probably Valia)

Lena Brande


Valis I

Valis II

Valis SD

Valis III

Valis IV

Valis Visual Collection

Valis X

Valis Complete/Plus

Other appearances:

Mugen Senshi Valis (manga, 1986)

Mugen Senshi Valis (manga, 2008)

The Valis armor is an armor that Yuuko Asou and Lena Brande wear along the Valis series games and media.


The armor that is given to the warrior wielding the Valis sword, mostly consists of a lite bikini-like armor with a dress. It gives defense and speed above normal levels to its wearer as well as the skill to use magic from many types. It can also save the Fantasm Jewels on its chest.


Being the most common armor/suit in the series, it appeared in all games and adaptions of Valis. The player starts using it mostly after the first level. During most of its appearances, it was also upgraded to newer and more powerful forms in subsequent games, known as the Ultimate Valis armor.



  • The Valis armor seems to change its shape in some details (like the colour) depending on its user. When used by Yuuko, it's golden while when wore by Lena, it's blue.
  • The Valis armor appeared in all the covers from all the Valis games except for Valis IV/Super Valis IV and the American version of Valis SD.
  • The boots from the Valis armor seems to have different designs depending on the versions: in the home computer games, they are portrayed as white while in the console versions they are golden.
  • The Valis armor has also general variations: in the Vodafone versions the boots are smaller and white and Yuuko uses black stockings under them, and in the Famicom/NES versions its belt is silver instead of golden as the entire armor.