Volcano area
The Volcano area in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I

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Dream World


Valis I (Famicom/NES version only)

also known as:

Volcanic cave

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The Volcano area is a location from the Valis series, and one of the easiest from its game.


A volcanic cave founded in the depths of the Ice mountain area. Only accessible by the ruins, it's presumably the hottest place in the entire Dream world and served as Gelzebas's hideout during the events of Valis I.


Gelzebas's hideoutEdit

A hideout locked with a special key where Gelzebas hid and guarded the last Phantasm jewel.


The Volcano area only makes an appearance in the Famicom/NES version of Valis I, serving as the last explored area before Rogles's castle.


Valis IEdit



  • The Volcano area is the shortest area from the entire Valis I's Famicom/NES version and one of the shortest in the entire series.
  • The Volcano area is the only area from the Dream world (aside from Rogles's castle) that doesn't use the track "The wilderness" as its background music, It uses the "Cellular Tissue" track instead.
  • The Volcano area has nothing to do with the Volcanic underground in the MD/Genesis and PCE-CD versions of Valis I as the last one belongs to the Dark world.